Why Abzorb?


It’s in our DNA.

Why work with Abzorb?

Our unique technology lets you manage your own customers and numbers – giving you absolute autonomy through our true self-service portal. Whether you want to enable or disable mobile numbers, change tariffs or bundles or set up new connections, the power is in your hands.

Transfer numbers at the touch of a button with our fully-automated MNP system. You take control and we make sure it’s done in double quick-time.

Meanwhile you keep your own identity by adding your logos to the portal, the bills and all the marketing material.

We’ll send out one bill on your behalf and white label it to your brand which means you can spend less time on admin and more time on what really matters – keeping your customers satisfied and building your business.

We started working with Abzorb about eight years ago as we rebuilt our mobile business following a disastrous and shambolic experience with a previous supplier. We found that the mobile proposition was competitive, had good billing, good pricing and allowed us to create good customer packages, and slowly but surely we have built our mobile business back up to where it was.

Gordon Brown, MD GB Telecom