Challenges for Education


It’s in our DNA.

No one solution fits all

There is no one telecoms solution that fits all. The communications challenges differ between urban and rural schools and from nursery, primary, secondary, colleges to universities.

This is why Abzorb offers a consultative approach to gain an understanding of your existing investments, infrastructure and contracts. We’ll work with you to identify areas in your telecoms portfolio which are currently being stretched, underperforming elements and how we can help you cater for the growing demands of digital and cloud technologies.

The only defacto requirement from all education bodies is the need to deliver for value for money.

Education establishments have distinct areas of operations that all have demands on the telecom services they utilise these include:

  • The administrative functions
  • Pedagogy innovations and collaborative classrooms
  • Connecting teachers, governors, parents/guardians and students
  • Student-led learning.

In addition, the Department has highlighted key areas where technology and communications can play a pivotal role in how schools and colleges operate, these are:

  • Administrative processes – reducing the burden of ‘non-teaching’ tasks
  • Assessment processes – making assessments more effective, available and efficient
  • Teaching practices – supporting access, inclusion and improved educational outcomes for all
  • Continuing professional development – supporting teachers, lecturers and education leaders so they can develop more flexibly
  • Learning throughout life – supporting decisions about work or further study and helping those who are not in the formal education system gain new skills.

These all need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right communication services.

We have been happy with the service received and would highly recommend Abzorb to anyone.

William Henry Smith School