You’re in Control

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It’s in our DNA.

You’re in control

You’re no puppet. You make your own moves.

You’ve spent time and money nurturing and developing your customers, collecting their data, gaining their trust and at the same time enhancing your own reputation. Why would you give all that away?

Abzorb’s fresh technology roadmap means you run your client relationships in their entirety – with no interference from us.

No need to juggle complex invoices from separate service providers and multiple networks. You get access to Vodafone, EE and 02 but with just one contract and one bill.

You ‘own’ your contacts and can harvest them under your own brand.

We give you complete freedom:

  • To price deals and change tariffs and bundles as you wish
  • Control your own margin
  • Leverage deals in your favour
  • Manage your customers in one place through the customer care portal.

Meanwhile we still provide 24/7 support whenever you need us and, since we like the human touch, there’ll always be a real person at the end of the phone – night and day.

Abzorb have designed a mobile proposition that includes ownership of customer relationships; billing our customers in our own brand name; straightforward processes; sales support and incentives and rapid response times. With that mix of offerings specifically tailored to what we need, why wouldn’t we do business with Abzorb?

Trevor Geraghty, Director, Difference Corporation Ltd